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Rhine AMC

Rhine Asset Management Company Limited are multifamily office and asset management company headquartered in Hong Kong. The company holds an asset management services license under the Securities and Futures Commission of Hong Kong (SFC).
We provide one-stop wealth management and portfolio management services, ie. setting up trust, estate inheritance planning, insurance consultation, to high-net-worth individuals, families, and businesses to help them properly preserve and grow their assets. We take an objective position on the financial products. Our investment decisions and recommendations are based on our professional knowledge and in-depth research and understanding of financial markets, to achieve the best long-term interests of our clients.

Competitive Edges

Root from China

We have a deep understanding of Chinese capital market dynamics. All our team has a deep China exposure.

Global Present

We have an international perspective on investments. We perform a careful assessment of the intrinsic value of listed companies.

Zero Tolerance Compliance Culture

We abide by a strict compliance culture, which better protects the interests of all investors

Products and Services

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    Independent Asset Management Business

    A client opening an account with a custodian bank, which may be a private bank, and placing assets in the account. The client gives Rhine AMC authority and power of attorney as a third party to represent them in managing the investment portfolio and asset allocation.

      Portfolio Management Agreement
      Account Opening
      Power of Attorney
      Trading Orders
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    Rhine Multi-Strategy Master Fund

    Rhine AMC multi-strategy fund (RCMS) aim to pursue absolute returns and capital preservation. The fund invests in Asian equity markets and adopts different strategies to lower the correlation of each asset, ie. Equity Long short, convertible bonds and quantitative analysis. With our proprietary dynamic asset allocation and risk control models, RCMS can consistently achieve low volatility and stable returns.

      CharacteristicMulti Strat/ Hedged
      Target MarketGreater China Region
      Typical Net Exposure(0%,+30%)
      Minimum SubscriptionUSD $500, 000


Weekly Comments

Our Investment Strategist presents our view of the market in 2023. After a hectic 2022, we expect global central banks to pass 2023 relatively quietly as rate hike action trail off in the first half of the year (1H23). Global GDP growth is likely to decelerate through 2023 but this should be accompanied by a fall in inflation. We expect strong asset returns this quarter to give way to choppy, difficult to navigate volatility in 1H23 as the market refocuses on ...

6 Dec 2022

Weekly Comments

Our Investment Strategist highlighted the fundamental economic datapoints that had triggered the strong market rebound this month. In Europe, macroeconomic data had been coming in ahead of expectations for a couple of weeks now, starting in late-October when third-quarter Eurozone GDP beat market forecasts. Over the course of last week, Euro area PMIs, the German business climate indicator and the Euro area consumer ....

29 Nov 2022

Weekly Comments

Our Investment Strategist highlighted that the current market rebound since the start of the fourth quarter is driven by technical factors, namely an overly bearish sentiment and very high level of risk aversion. Global macroeconomic growth is still expected to decelerate sequentially into the second half of next year. However, the UK’s fiscal policy about-turn, recent revelation that US inflation may have peaked, and recent shifts in Chinese .....

22 Nov 2022